How To Get The Perfect Tan For Under $15

I love having a tan all year round. People are always asking me if I’ve been on vacation recently or how I look so toned and sun kissed. A tan gives everyone a more toned and defined appearance. I use this illusion to my advantage before photo shoots or vacation trips because I sometimes slack when it comes to working out daily. I feel much more attractive when I’m bronzy and glowing.

Since I live in New York City and cannot achieve a tan naturally all the time, and I refuse to lay in a tanning bed, I rely on this product to maintain my preferred skin tone all year around. I can bring it anywhere, and its much cheaper than paying for spray-tan-house-calls twice a month!

I use Quick Tan lotion in “Dark” by Body Drench 1-3 times a week.

You can order it on amazon here:

Body Drench Quick Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion, Dark, 8 Ounce *

Its a gradual self tanner that builds healthy and realistic glow. I use the darkest shade for a deeper tan since I already have an olive skin tone.

I always exfoliate my whole body with shower gloves and body wash before self tanning.

You can buy them on amazon **here**or at your local CVS.

This helps the color go on smoothly and absorb well by removing excess dead skin first.

After exfoliating and drying off, I apply the lotion evenly starting from the bottom up (my lower legs all the way up to my face). I take kind of long doing this because I REALLY rub it in evenly. I’m a little “extra” about it but it helps the tan go on perfectly. Don’t forget to wash your hands immediately after you’re done or your palms will be pigmented and look weird for a few days. This happened to me once and a lot of people noticed so make sure you wash them right away!

Since this is a pigmented formula, you have to wait for it to dry before you get dressed. That means you have to stand around naked for five minutes or so before putting clothes on. I usually lay on my bed naked with a towel underneath me and play on my phone until I feel totally dry. I factor application and drying time into my schedule since this can make you 10-15 minutes late to somewhere if you don’t plan ahead.

The color starts to appear after a few hours. After using it for 3-5 days in a row, you only need to use it 1-2 times a week to maintain your preferred color.

Oh! And the next time you shower, the excess lotion that your skin did not absorb will wash off. Don’t worry, you’re not extra zirtyyy. Your suds will just look kind of brownish until you get fully clean after every use.

Let me know how this product works for you!

More posts of my favorite beauty products/secrets to come!

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