Lisa Ramos x CBS Sports Radio x The DA Show

I joined my friends at CBS Sports Radio on The DA Show last Tuesday during their new morning time slot and live taping. We discussed Met Gala fashion (headless Teletubbies), ate pizza for breakfast, played a fun game, and had gigantic donuts! I always have a fun time when I visit but this time as extra special because all of the fooooood.

Below are some photos from my visit!

The first thing we did was dig into a bacon, egg, sausage, potato, and cheese pizza! So. Good. 

I’m listening to Damon’s co-hosts here. I actually went to college at SUNY Old Westbury with CBS’s Shaun Morash and we sat right next to each other in computer class! You never know who, how, or when you’ll see people again! 

Oh my gosh. These donuts were AMAZING. The maple bacon one seen in the box Damon is holding was my favorite. I got these from The Doughnut Project

I’m not sure what we were talking about here but it was probably food. 

I wore a Sandlot T-shirt that I was going to wear to bed the night before. I really love wearing comfortable outfits with heels. 

You can watch a bit of the interview here: Lisa Ramos on CBS Sports Radio

Thanks for reading! If you’re in NYC, try those doughnuts!

Xo, Lisa Ramos